I. supplement sup‧ple‧ment 1 [ˈsʌplment] verb [transitive]
to add something to something to make it more successful, useful, or complete:

• The acquisition will supplement their business strategy to produce higher-margin products.

• As the number of farmers falls, many are seeking new outlets to supplement their incomes.

supplement something with something

• The staff handbooks will be supplemented with a series of workshops.

  [m0] II. supplement sup‧ple‧ment 2 [ˈsʌplmənt] noun [countable]
1. something you add to make something better, more useful, or more complete:

• The welfare supplement is payable to employees who retire between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31.

supplement to

• The informal discussion groups are a good supplement to the overall training program.

2. an additional part of a book, newspaper, report etc:

• a 16-page advertising supplement

supplement to

• The actual amount of commission is only disclosed in a supplement to the firm's prospectus.

3. FINANCE TRAVEL a sum of money added to the price of service, such as a hotel room or plane journey:

• There is a single room supplement of £10 per night.

reˈpayment ˌsupplement
TAX an extra sum of money the tax authorities must pay to a company if they fail to repay a sum of money owed to the company on time:

• A business is entitled to a repayment supplement if a VAT claim is not processed within 30 days.

* * *

supplement UK US /ˈsʌplɪmənt/ noun [C]
COMMUNICATIONS a part of a newspaper, report, etc. that is published in addition to the main part: »

In this supplement we look at how companies can measure their carbon footprint.


a Sunday/monthly/quarterly supplement

a medicine that contains substances that you need to stay healthy in addition to what you get in your food: »

dietary/nutritional/food supplements

MARKETING an additional amount that you pay for a particular service, a better place to stay, etc.: a supplement of sth »

We paid a supplement of €40 for a room with a balcony.

HR, WORKPLACE an amount that you earn in addition to your basic salary: »

The income from the investments supports universities by paying for scholarships and salary supplements.

something that is done as an addition to an activity or process in order to improve it: a supplement to sth »

The measures were introduced as a supplement to the state's disaster plan.

supplement UK US /ˈsʌplɪment/ verb [T]
to add more people or things to an activity or process in order to improve it: »

During especially busy periods, around 175 temporary workers supplement a production workforce of 3,500.


Legal controls have been supplemented by financial controls, especially over capital expenditure.

HR, WORKPLACE to earn or receive extra money in addition to your basic salary or pension: »

Base pay of all executives is £125,000, supplemented by bonuses linked to individual output.

supplement your income/earnings/pension »

They decided to use the equity in their home to supplement their income.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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